What is Qbank.app?

Posted on: February 13, 2023

Qbank.app is a question banking website which allows you to both make and do questions.

We offer a question generation feature which allows you to easily generate large amounts of questions from tables reducing question writing time considerably.

These features are available to students, educators and course creators alike.

For students:

Questions can be created as you study. With the datatable feature, creating questions is as simple as pulling data into tables as you study (which is an excellent way of organising the information as well) then creating a few templates to test yourself on the data that you've gathered. If you have a question bank that someone else has created, you can load that into your account as well.

Plans are flexible and start from as low as 3.75 a month (billed yearly). You can cancel your plan anytime you wish and export your question banks in case you wish to use them again in the future.

For educators:

This webapp allows you to easily generate questions to cover your course content. The questions can be exported as .xlsx files which can then be adapted for import into many different learning management systems.

Using qbank.app to generate your questions means you'll always have full control over the types of questions that you create. It also means that you can be sure that you have fully covered your syllabus and keep your questions updated.

When using qbank.app as a question generator and repository, you can generate a different question set for each exam and change your templates to generate entirely new questions for each year or semester ensuring test integrity.

You can also create questions for ongoing quizzes and general student practice which may not usually be possible with time constraints.

Many learning management systems and quiz websites offer pre-written questions but these often target learners from kindergarten to high school. Qbank.app allows you to easily create questions for students at any level!

For course creators:

Online courses are a rapidly growing industry and one area which course creators, especially part time course creator struggle with is finding the time to create quality question banks for their courses.

As mentioned before, the existing question banking services which pre-made questions can be readily pulled from usually cater to kindergarten to high school students. This isn't an appropriate solution for professional courses. Also, with information expanding rapidly, tools which abstract question generation allowing stakeholders to create questions on any topic, new, old or emerging are needed. Qbank.app is such a tool.

Qbank.app helps you ensure that your questions are unique to your course. You can even ensure that no two learners do the same exact test, increasing the reliability and validity of your assessments and any certifications that you offer.

Online courses, especially MOOCs, often offer unsupervised testing but Qbank.app allows you to create unique, logical and robust question banks with a quantity and quality that makes supervision somewhat irrelevant. Think of the open book test you did where opening the book didn't help.


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