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Introducing the Question Generator

The question generator makes it easy to create thousands of questions from the same table

Fill or Paste a Table

This table contains the information for all of your questions.

Create a Few Templates

The templates tell the engine exactly how you want the information from your table to be put into questions.

Click Generate

Your questions will be ready in less than a second. You can also preview a few questions before generation to fine tune your templates.

The Qbank Advantage

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A growing body of data shows that consistent and varied practice leads to increased memory retention. Being able to generate and practice with exam style questions means better perfomance on test day and less test taking anxiety.

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Our question generation feature allows you to create enough questions to facilitate evidence based learning techniques such as spaced repetition and retrieval practice. You'll never be left wanting for practice questions again!

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You have full control over every aspect of the questions that you create. Decide the length, difficulty, tone and clarity. You can always rest assured that you've covered every inch of the syllabus.

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The world is in an information boom. Our knowledge base is expanding daily and this means that learning tools need to be more adaptable than ever before. Using the question generation tool means that when information changes, updating questions is as easy as updating a table.

Explore Other Ways to Create Question Banks


Create a question bank from scratch. Add pictures, tables and format text.

From a PDF

Upload a pdf containing a question bank that you previously made.

From a Backup

Restore a backup from a previous account or a friend.

From a Spreadsheet

Upload questions from any spreadsheet, just tell us where everything is.

Multiple Ways to Do Your Banks

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